Limit Breakage on Wash Day!

Photo Retrieved: March 29, 2015, From:

Photo Retrieved: March 29, 2015, From:

Are you transitioning from relaxed to natural? Is your hair breaking like crazy during your wash routine? Try this wash-day method to minimize breakage.

  • Section your hair four ways evenly, detangle, then braid each individually.
  • When braiding, make sure they start off loose near your roots and gradually braid tighter as you work your way to your ends.
  • Once braids are secure, begin your wash routine. Make sure you scrub your scalp by going through and under the braid of each section. (This is why it is important to braid loosely at your roots)
  • Work your way down, washing the braid (still intact) as you go. Continue this until each braid is completely washed and conditioned.
  • When you’re done, unbraid each section individually and comb/detangle from ends up. Moisturize and seal your hair as usual.

This method prevents constant combing of your hair and eliminates those crazy tangles!


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