Choose your MyLash Extensionz…

My Lash Extensionz, a subsidiary of My Extensionz produces 100% hand-crafted Siberian Mink lashes that are reusable 27 times or more, and have over 30 pairs to choose from! Exciting isn’t it?!


Not to get confused, we’re going to help you choose the right mink lashes that suit your personality,occasion and style.

First of all, there are the 2D and the 3D My Extensionz lashes. To help you understand the difference better, we will demonstrate with the VIP (2D) and Still Pretty (3D) lashes in our collection (see photo below).

IMG_20150918_184117_edit  IMG_20150918_184326_edit

The 2D lashes have one layer of mink hair while the 3D lashes have more than one layer of Mink hair on them, giving you that 3-dimensional effect for your lashes. Both lash types are of the same quality and are equally amazing, soft and feathery to the touch.

Another awesome feature of My Lash Extensionz is its versatility. You can choose a natural, semi-natural or dramatic lash, depending on the look you want to create.


The natural lashes are simple and are recommended for daytime wear and for ladies who don’t want anyone to easily notice that they are wearing lashes. Examples of our natural lashes are “Werk” and “Love Me Loud”.

IMG_20150918_183822_edit  IMG_20150918_183738_edit


The semi-natural lashes are not too simple, yet not too dramatic. They are suitable for both day and night time wear, and for ladies who want to have a bit of fun, but not go all out. Our semi-natural lash is the one and only, Scandal.



Also very self explanatory, dramatic lashes are for the ladies who are daring, and love to draw attention to their eyes. Dramatic lashes are usually recommended for weddings, dinners and other special events. But hey! You can determine when you want to look dramatic 🙂

Examples of dramatic lashes are Mrs Bond and After Dark.

IMG_20150918_184741_edit  IMG_20150918_184806_edit

So next time you have an event, be it a wedding or a fashion show or you want to spice up that next Makeup DIY video on YouTube with the perfect lashes,  think My Lash Extensionz! Now available in Nigeria (


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