How To | Henna Gloss

Using henna to colour hair is a fabulous natural alternative to synthetic dyes, it is a non-damaging treatment for the hair and fades less quickly than artificial dyes. It  is a transparent dye that coats the hair shaft, binding with the keratin in the hair. It conditions the hair, and gives it shine and body. […]

How to start a hair journey

So you’ve seen lots of bloggers/vloggers with long and beautiful hair and you’ve discovered that your hair can be long, it can flourish and it can be healthy, and you’ve finally decided to start your very own hair journey. Starting a hair journey can be a very exciting experience when done properly. It would ultimately […]

My Extensionz finally in Lagos!!!

Raising the bar for the trends in the latest virgin hair technology, My Extensionz is happy to announce its official launch in Lagos hereby giving consumers who have a desire for 100% Fine Virgin Hair with exceptional quality and outstanding services. The company plan is to have every woman have an easy access to purchase […]

Hair Oil Directory

With quite an array of hair oils, it’s smart to know what they do. We’ve selected four of the most popular to showcase their benefits so you can give your hair exactly what it needs. Olive Oil Improves elasticity – Conditions – Promotes growth – Strengthens   Coconut Oil Helps prevent hair loss – Helps eliminate […]

Look FAB In 10 Minutes!

Running late? Can’t figure out what to do with your hair? Check out these cute quick and easy hairstyles that’ll have you out the door and where you need to be in no time. Finish With A Bang! Pull a part of your hair to the front. Swoop hair to the side and pin it. […]

War On Frizz

Humidity is cruel. It has the power to turn a great hair day into a terrible one. With the warm weather already here, here are a few tips to help you tackle frizz! Conditioner! A good leave-in will help prevent your hair from frizzing up. Wet hair and apply a bit to add necessary moisturize. No […]

You’re Due For A Trim!

Trims are essential for length retention. They eliminate split ends, which can ultimately save your hair from breakage. Instead of spending money, we’ve got some tips on how to trim your own hair as often as necessary. 1. Trim hair while dry. It gives you more control so you’re not losing length by cutting off […]