Hair Oil Directory

With quite an array of hair oils, it’s smart to know what they do. We’ve selected four of the most popular to showcase their benefits so you can give your hair exactly what it needs.


Olive Oil

Improves elasticity – Conditions – Promotes growth – Strengthens


Coconut Oil

Helps prevent hair loss – Helps eliminate dandruff – Strengthens hair – Reduces protein loss – Moisturizes


Castor Oil

Increases hair growth – Thickens hair – Adds sheen – Deep conditions – Moisturizes


Avocado Oil

Hair restoration – Locks in moisture – Adds sheen – Works great as leave in

Look FAB In 10 Minutes!

Running late? Can’t figure out what to do with your hair?

Check out these cute quick and easy hairstyles that’ll have you out the door and where you need to be in no time.

blog53Finish With A Bang!

Pull a part of your hair to the front.

Swoop hair to the side and pin it.

Put the rest of hair in a pony, bun, or pin it all up.

Let Loose!

Loose curls we mean. Don’t have time to straighten your entire head? Use a wand for loose instant curls.

Curl medium to large sections of hair to add body and give you an effortless done up look.

War On Frizz


Humidity is cruel. It has the power to turn a great hair day into a terrible one. With the warm weather already here, here are a few tips to help you tackle frizz!


A good leave-in will help prevent your hair from frizzing up. Wet hair and apply a bit to add necessary moisturize.

No Heat. No Chemicals

Do not over process your hair. Heat and chemicals will rid the moisture from your hair, which makes it easier for it to frizz up. Try other styles to prevent constant hair manipulation.

Alcohol Free

Alcohol also dries out your hair. When purchasing and applying product, be sure to use alcohol free products to prevent frizz.

You’re Due For A Trim!

maxresdefault (1)

Trims are essential for length retention. They eliminate split ends, which can ultimately save your hair from breakage. Instead of spending money, we’ve got some tips on how to trim your own hair as often as necessary.

1. Trim hair while dry. It gives you more control so you’re not losing length by cutting off more than you should.

2. Cut only what you can see. Do not use mirrors to assist trimming because reflections are not always accurate.

3. Use tiny scissors. They’re much easier to handle.

When your hair starts to knot, break, and you notice your ends are weak and have started splitting, it is time for a trim.

Rejuvenate YourExtensionz


Feeling weighed down? Want to bring your dried out bundles back to life?!

Rejuvenate your MyExtentions Brazilian Virgin Deep Wave or Mongolian Virgin Curly with there easy steps.


1. Shampoo hair with favorite co-wash (Conditioning Shampoo) or non-sulfate shampoo. Sulfate can dry out the hair even more.

2. Condition you hair with your favorite silicone free conditioner. Leave the conditioner in hair and put it in the gallon zip lock bag. Microwave for 30 seconds.

3. Take out, rinse hair and air dry!

DIY Avocado Deep Conditioner


This conditioner instantly revitalizes your tresses, leaving your hair feeling soft and looking healthy. Best part?  The ingredients are in your kitchen.

Ingredients (makes enough for shoulder length hair):

I ripe avocado; pitted and scooped
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of honey
2-3 drops of your favorite scented oil  (optional)


Shower Cap
Spray Bottle with Water
Clips for Sectioning Hair
Hair Dryer, a Sunny Day, or Source of Heat


In a small mixing bowl, mix all ingredients together with whisk or electronic mixer.

Section and dampen hair (with spray bottle) then apply mixture on sections. Show some extra love to your ends.

Clip hair up and put on shower cap. Sit under the dryer or sit outside in the sun and heat for 30-45 minutes.

Remove shower cap. Rinse out mask. Wash and condition hair as usual.

4 Vegan Hair Products

Vegan means all natural and cruelty free. As follows, vegan products contain no animal products or by-products. With unclear labeling, it can be hard to identify which products are vegan. So to help, we have selected a few vegan products that are completely safe and great for your hair.


A entire line of cruelty-free curl enhancing, moisturizing products made with all natural ingredients.


Aubrey Organics
A vocal adversary of animal testing, this line of hair care is sulfate, parabens, artificial coloring and fragrance free.


Mixed Chicks
Two women, one goal. Providing a reliable product for the coily, curly, and wavy without animal testing.


AG Hair Cosmetics
This PETA approved company makes their all natural products gluten and cruelty free.